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Welcome to Aerohive Network Management

Aerohive’s HiveOS is the operating system that powers the Aerohive access points and routers, while HiveManager is the network management system (NMS) for configuration and monitoring. Together, with Aerohive access points and routers, these comprise a complete, controller-less Wi-Fi and remote network solution.


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  • Hive Manager NMS
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    Aerohive's HiveManager NMS is a central management system for Aerohive HiveAPs.

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  • Aerohive CVG VPN
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    The Aerohive Cloud VPN Gateway (CVG) is designed to integrate into virtualized environments

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  • HiveManager Network Management
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    HiveManager NMS is the out-of-band enterprise-class network management system handles configuration, policies, monitoring, reporting for Aerohive.

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