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With more than 13 years at the company's IACC Solutions Ltd is a leading provider of software and services company in the accounting system. We have a team of professionals. Experience of care. We have increased a lot. Here are some highlights of our Company Limited IACC Solution.


  • Aerohive - Access Points
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    Aerohive’s enterprise wireless LAN access points, HiveAPs, are an innovative class of wireless infrastructure equipment with cooperative control technology that provides the benefits of a controller-based wireless LAN solution, without requiring a controller or an overlay network.

  • Aerohive - App
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    Aerohive’s powerful applications add features, functionality, and value to the complete Aerohive Wi-Fi solution. Apps such as StudentManager and TeacherView can help school districts monitor and track wireless clients, and GuestManager allows enterprises to provide sophisticated and secure access to guests.

  • Aerohive - Cloud Services Platform
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    The Aerohive Cloud Services Platform is a globally distributed, cloud-based infrastructure that is home to Aerohive developed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, including HiveManager Online. The Cloud Services Platform also leverages our patent-pending Cloud Proxy feature that seamlessly integrate a set of partner cloud applications to create robust solutions for Aerohive customers.

  • Aerohive - L2+ Managed Access Switc
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    Aerohive has differentiated its product line by offering the new Aerohive - L2+ PoE Managed Access Switches as an option to the customers. These switches can be managed centrally by HiveManager NMS software, which is the same software for managing its HiveAP. These switches are not required to work with HiveAP, as neither they are wireless switches nor they are wireless controller. Aerohive - L2+ PoE Managed Access Switches support Routing and VPN capability.

  • Aerohive - Network Management
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    Aerohive’s HiveOS is the operating system that powers the Aerohive access points and routers, while HiveManager is the network management system (NMS) for configuration and monitoring. Together, with Aerohive access points and routers, these comprise a complete, controller-less Wi-Fi and remote network solution.

  • Aerohive - Routers
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    Aerohive routers combine “work anywhere” mobility with enterprise routing functionality and complete security – all in a single device. The simple “plug and play” operation makes it easy for administrators to deploy hundreds or even thousands or remote/branch offices for their users. Aerohive routers can be deployed via a purchase program or our unique Network-as-a-Service offering, Branch on Demand.

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