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SANGFOR provides high-speed, easy-to-use, highly secure and reliable SSL VPN products

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Sangfor SSL VPN provides support for remote user to access the enterprise network from anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet. Remote access is provided through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) enabled by a SSL VPN gateway. The SSL VPN gateway allows remote users to establish a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel using a web browser. This feature provides a comprehensive solution that allows easy access to a broad range of web resources and web-enabled applications (e.g.: Easy Connect) using native HTTP over SSL (HTTPS) browser support. 

Sangfor SSL VPN provides SSL VPN remote-access connectivity from almost any Internet-enabled location using a web browser or a APP that natively support SSL encryption. This feature allows your Company to extend access to its secure enterprise network to any authorized user by providing remote-access connectivity to corporate resources.

Easy Mobile Officing
The SANGFOR SSL VPN can help you easily, safely and conveniently access the Intranet through mobile terminals such as laptops, PCs, intelligent phones and PDAs. Therefore, reduces costs and improves production efficiency.

Providing Third-party Remote Access
The SANGFOR SSL VPN provides a complete third-party remote access solution. This solution combines multiple acceleration technologies and carefully controls the access authorization of applications. Therefore, SANGFOR’s solution enables your third-party partners to quickly share resources and safely access applications under control.

Protecting the Intranet through Logical Isolation and Sectionalization
The SANGFOR SSL VPN provides a safe, reliable, cost-efficient, and flexible solution for network logical isolation. It employs multiple technologies, such as detailed permission classification, various authentication and security mechanisms, and client security inspection.

Reinforcing Security of the Key Business Information System 
SANGFOR SSL VPN provides a complete solution to reinforce security of key business information systems. The solution provides a perfect identity authentication system and access protection. It also binds application access account of specified users by patented primary/secondary accounts to ensure that accounts are not falsely used or access permissions are not violated.

Preventing Illegal WLAN Access 
SANGFOR SSL VPN provides a safe WLAN access solution for you. SSL VPN offers a uniform authentication of WLAN access, and strictly controls users to prevent information leakage and guarantee application security.


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